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Used Outboard Motors For Sale

Used 2006 F9ELB Mercury 9.9HP Outboard Motor w/Control Box
Used 2006 F9ELB Mercury 9.9HP Outboard Motor w/Control Box $1,695.00
Time Remaining: 20d 1h 3m
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Used 1998 J15FRELEC Johnson 15HP Outboard Motor (with 9.9 decals on the hood)
Used 1998 J15FRELEC Johnson 15HP Outboard Motor (with 9.9 decals on the hood) $1,595.00
Time Remaining: 20d 1h 35m
Buy It Now for only: $1,595.00
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Torqeedo Travel 1003 Electric outboard motor Short Shaft + Extras -Used One Week
Torqeedo Travel 1003 Electric outboard motor Short Shaft + Extras -Used One Week $1,450.00
Time Remaining: 8d 6h 57m
Buy It Now for only: $1,450.00
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Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury outboard motors come in several flavors depending on the type of boat you have, ranging from 2.5 horsepower to 300 horsepower. Mercury provides the right size motor whether you are purchasing a motor for a dinghy or a walkaround. Mercury outboard motors are tested thoroughly in the testing center before they are tested in the “real world.” No matter which Mercury you choose, the motor is build to withstand tough love and has long-lasting performance.

The Verado and the 75- to 115-horsepoer FourStroke engines feature overhead cams and are durable, making the valve train maintenance-free for life. All Mercury outboard engines are build this many stainless steel components to make them durable in salt water and to give them longer maintenance intervals. Stainless steel parts also lower the cost of ownership.

Mercury outboard motors incorporate the Engine Guardian system — a system that uses more than 40 sensors to monitor the engine’s major functions including oil pressure, engine temperature and over-revving. If the system senses a problem, it reduces engine power enough so that no damage occurs to the engine, yet allows you to get to shore. Mercury offers a three-year standard warranty and three-year limited corrosion protection warranty on all its outboard motors.

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Johnson Outboard Motors

Johnson outboard motors have been produced since 1922. Recently, Johnson and Johnson Evinrude became part of Bombardier Recreational Products. Bombardier Recreational products will continue manufacturing Johnson parts and will offer service to Johnson outboard motors for those who still own a Johnson. Distributors and dealerships will have access to parts so that you can still enjoy your Johnson-powered boat.

Common parts shopped for on Johnson outboard motors are fuel pump assemblies, ignition coils, water pumps, gaskets, gear sets and carburetor repair kits — all of these and more will still be available for your Johnson.

Johnson lays claim as being the first to introduce the heavy outboard engine. The 1926 engine was four to five knots faster than other outboards. After a good start, the stock market crash of 1929 caused Johnson to eventually file for bankruptcy, but the company came back after the worlds finances straightened out. Eventually, Steve Briggs and Ralph Evinrude bought out the company, giving Johnson the tie with Evinrude, making some of the best outboard motors on the market. In 2001, Bombardier of Canada bought out the Johnson Company.

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Evinrude Outboard Motors

Evinrude outboard motors E-TEC engines are based on existing and proven engines. The two-cylinder 40 through 60 horsepower engines use the mid-section and gear case from the 55-horsepower commercial series outboards. The E-TEC engines are quiet like a four-stroke, but have the throttle response, torque and acceleration of a two-stroke. The engine is considered a two-stroke engine, direct-injection engine.

The fuel injector design is new and uses less operating current, which enables Evinrude to use smaller electronics that operate at cooler temperature. This gives the Evinrude outboard motors more reliability and durability.

Evinrude outboard motors incorporates a new alloy material into its pistons. The new material was developed by NASA and is two to three times stronger at normal operating temperature than aluminum. These pistons are used in the engines with 40 to 60 horse power and the 75/90. The internal design of the block does not require the port windows to match the piston, thus increasing piston strength and durability.

Evinrude's outboard motors still use the lost-foam casting method of casting their engine blocks. The blocks are CNC machined for accuracy. It contains Boron-Nitride Honed bores and micro-ground crankshafts. This, combined with over-sized bearings, contribute to lower friction inside the engine, which increases durability and the life of the engine.

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Yamaha Outboard Motors

Yamaha outboard motors feature several models, including eight four-stroke engines, an inline four-stroke, the V-Max SHO, the V-Max HPDI and the HPDI motors in various engine displacements. Yamaha ensures that all of its motors use the latest technology to give the motors durability and reliability.

The V-6 offshore outboard engine uses a “highly-advanced thermally-applied plasma fusion process” on the cylinder walls, giving this engine less friction loss better performance and enhanced reliability for those longer trips. The cylinder walls are 60 percent harder than steel, according to Yamaha. The larger cylinder bores give the Yamaha outboard motors more displacement which results in more horsepower and torque.

Yamaha also produces a 5.3-liter V-8 engine that features less stress and strain in internal engine components while allowing more horsepower to reach the shaft. Each cylinder has four over-sized valves that help the engine breathe.

Yamaha outboard motors also has a high output F250 engine with an electronic control module that varies camshaft timing based on engine rpm, giving it a 16 percent gain in horsepower in the 2000 to 3500 rpm range.

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Suzuki Outboard Motors

Suzuki outboard motors use a 55-degree bank angle, which creates a compact V-6. The 55-degree bank angle is found in the DF200, 225, 250, 250SS and the DF300 motors. This is an industry first design by Suzuki, which allows the motors to be mounted on a 26-inch center, rather than the 28-inch center that most other outboards need to be mounted.

Suzuki outboard motors also feature a double overhead cam (DOHC) cylinder head design. The engine has two camshafts and four valves per cylinder, which enables the engine to produce the maximum horsepower with the best fuel economy. Suzuki also uses an offset drive shaft, which positions the powerhead in front of the drive shaft, giving their engines improved balance and less vibration on the transom.

Suzuki also uses stainless steel propellers for increased durability and better performance than you get with an aluminum propeller. It uses high-grade aluminum alloys for engine castings to keep corrosion to a minimum. The surface of the parts are treated in three parts, beginning with a chemical cleaning that eliminates anything that might stop the coating from adhering to the surface. After the parts are chemically cleaned, they are submerged in an electrified bath of chromium oxide. This process creates an invisible barrier that becomes part of the casting. Finally, a hard and resilient epoxy resin primer is baked onto the parts, then the castings are painted with a final coat of urethane marine grade paint.

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Honda Outboard Motors

Honda outboard motors have horsepower ranging from 2 to 225 in a full line of four-stroke engines. Honda was one of the first outboard manufacturers to offer a four-stroke engine. After 40 years of production, Honda still sets the standard for fuel efficiency, easy operation and performance.

Honda incorporates technologies into its outboard engines from hits automotive and racing heritage. Honda outboard motors include features that can be found in the engines in the Ridgeline, Pilot, Accord, Element, Odyssey and CR-V. Honda first introduced the four-stroke outboard engine in 1964. In 1967, it was introduced in the United States. In 1995, Honda outboard motors won the Popular Mechanics’ “Design and Engineering Award” for its four-stroke outboard engines.

In 1998, Honda Marine was the only manufacturer offering over 15 models of four-stroke engines, then in 2001, Honda was the first to offer a 225 horsepower outboard engine. By 2002, the United States Coast Guard put hundreds of BF225s into services for its Homeland Security Initiative.

Honda's outboard motors won several awards over the years, including an award from J.D. Power and Associates for their best-in-class 2009 midrange BFP60 Power Thrust EFI models. This highest in customer satisfaction numerical score was based on 7,093 responses regarding four EFI four-stroke brands between January 2007 through May 2008.

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Mariner Outboard Motors

Brunswick owns Mariner outboard motors, among others, including Mercury. Mariner outboard engines use integrated electronics and the best parts available to create their high performance and fishing outboard engines.

Mariner’s claim to fame is that they sell more four-stroke marine engines than anyone else. Mariner’s technology exceeds EPA emission standards, and their FourStroke and two-stroke Direct-Injected outboards are certified by the California Air Resources Board.

Mariner outboard motors are built to provide you with clean and efficient power. Brunswick is constantly seeking improved methods to get maximum performance with the best fuel economy possible, while keeping the environment clean. Mariner is the world leader in marine propulsion technology, according to Brunswick, and is most devoted to developing the cleanest marine power available.

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Tohatsu Nissan Outboard Motors

Tohatsu Nissan outboard motors four- five- and six-horsepower outboards have been redesigned. These engines have a front-mounted shift handle, an industry first, according to Tohatsu. It also extended the tiller handle another 4.3 inches and gave them a larger carrying handle. If the model you purchase has in internal fuel tank, the fuel cap was relocated to the front of the outboard for easier refueling.

The 20-horsepower Sportsman’s Limited Edition engine comes with Mossy Oak’s Duck Blind camouflage design.

The 35-horsepower JET DRIVE model is based on the power of Tohatsu Nissan outboard motors 50TLDI model. It is a jet drive model, which allows boaters to navigate into fishing areas that a propeller driven boat can’t go.

The TLDI Series Tohatsu Nissan outboard motors are Tohatsu’s award-winning motors with a reputation for being compact, having low emissions and excellent fuel economy. Powered by a direct fuel injection and a 32-bit engine control unit (ECU), the TLDI Series fuel system is governed by several sensors. The engines are lightweight and compact, and do not compromise reliability or performance.

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Outboard Motors For Boat Owners

Outboard motors are motors that are a propulsion system for boats. This is a self-contained unit that consists of a propeller or jet drive, engine and gearbox. This motor is designed to be attached to the outside of a boat and is a common use to power small boats.

With them you can guide the boat as well. They allow this by pivoting from where they are mounted and the thrust moves the craft in the direction needed. A big plus for these engines is that they can be removed from the craft. This allows you to use it for more than one craft. It also makes trips to a repair shop easy because the motor can be taken without the boat. The motor can also be stored easily by being taken off the boat.

Another great feature of outboard motors is that when you are in shallow water the motor can be tilted up to prevent damage to the propeller. These motors come in different sizes small ones are usually considered to be up to 15 horsepower. They are clamped to the boat for easy removal. They have a pull start system with a throttle and gearshift control. They also consist of a tiller for steering. Some weigh as little as twenty six pounds and have small fuel tanks. These motors have a speed of about 10 miles an hour. Small motors are used to power small crafts like dinghies, canoes and jon boats. Sailboats will have them for auxiliary power.

Outboards also come in larger sizes. The larger ones are bolted to the transom. The controls are usually at the helm. These motors will have up to 135 horsepower and have the capacity to power crafts that are 18 feet or longer.

Outboard motors can be powered several ways. There are electrical powered ones that are used on small crafts where sometimes gasoline motors are prohibited. They also can be used as a backup for larger crafts. They are used mostly where quietness and zero emissions is needed. Diesel motors are also an option, but they are rare due to the weight and the cost. There is also pump jet propulsion. This is not as efficient as the others, but they are great in shallow water due to there being no propeller to worry about damaging.

Outboard motors come in many options for boating enthusiast. They allow the boater to choose what is right for his situation. Regardless of what style is chosen, the boater will have a motor to make his boating more pleasurable.